a little plaid dress

I thought it would be fun to try to sew a dress from a pattern. I normally do without. It did not go so well. First off, it took me a whole day. It drove my kiddos nuts, but I was not going to let this little dress concur me. Looking back it may have been better just to put the dress down and walk away and come back later. I thought a pattern was suppose to make it easier. Well, I finished just in time to sit down and watch a movie with my husband.

This is the first time I made sleeves. I think they turned out well. The neckline is a bit off, but by that point I just wanted it done. By the way, the etsy shop I mentioned earlier, is handmade little girl clothing. Ha, this definitely would not make the cut.

The back is tied with a ribbon. The pattern did not call for this, but when my daughter first tried on the dress it did not fit over her head. Are you feeling my frustration? Anyway, I am finished! My favorite part is the little pockets, simply because Ellie loves anything with pockets.


Monday through Sunday said...


Kasey said...

I think its really really cute! Youre really talented at this paula! =) teehee. I love you!

karyn said...

this dress is the cutest. i want one for myself. what pattern did you use?

paula said...

i used the simplicity 3513 pattern. embarrassed to say, but the Lizzie McGuire edition. I got it for a dollar. i did change it up a bit though, not on purpose, but it's still changed;)