the secrets of comfort

Well, at least what makes me comfortable in my home. Shoptalk did a fun little post yesterday on what makes me comfortable. I thought I would join in on the fun. Let me know if you do too!

What makes me comfortable...

1. My family. A house is not a home without my wonderful husband and two children.

photo via kellen jacob photography

2. Candles. Right now my favorite is french vanilla oak by Tyler candle company. Something about burning a yummy candle can put me at ease.

photo via pottery barn

3.Warm blankets. I love to have a few lying around the house for family and friends.

photo via west elm

4. Many lamps. I love the warm glow they give off.

photo via alys beach
5. Flowers from my garden.

photo via flickr


Monday through Sunday said...

Excellent comforts..I agree. I also like a pot of coffee on or something baking in the oven...or just something hot in a pretty mug is nice. :)

la la Lovely said...

these are all so comforting!
ps- give away at my blog!

Carrie said...

There is nothing like the comforts of home...blankets, candles, flowers...all favorites of mine for sure!

deepshikha said...

i really like your blog !!! hmmmm...reminds me of things i love too.