thinking about parties

I love to entertain especially when there is a special occasion. This is going back in time, but this is my daughter's 3rd birthday from this past July. I decided to go all out. I asked her what she wanted and she said, "balloons, party hats, and cake". Of course I obliged. The story line I went with was a breakfast garden party with pinwheels, bugs, and tons of flowers. She had a blast along with all the other kiddos. The only quirk was that my little Ellie gets a bit shy in large groups so by the end of the party she was in my room cleaning. Yes, I said cleaning! She takes after her mother I suppose, of course my cleaning would have started after everyone left.

The cake was from Edgar's bakery. It was beyond delicious.

Doughnut holes from Shipley's, melt aways from Savage's, and cheerios for the babies were part of the breakfast spread.

This is one of the many centerpieces I made. Super easy, but time consuming. The picture frame is one I made and each child recieved a different handmade frame and pinwheel as a party favor. My husband being a photographer made this fit perfectly.

from top left to right: martha stewart tissue flower balls, party hats hung with twine and clothes pins, ellie and kj ready for the party to begin, party favors.

My son's 2nd birthday is coming up in March. He will get a superb birthday party since he was completeley jipped out of his first. We were in the midst of moving and well, it did not happen. Lucky for me he will never remember and in that case Ellie will never remember her first huge party either. On a positive note she still mentions this party!


Casey said...

what a party! thanks for your comments, I am excited to open my shop too. :)

Angela Vaughn said...

Oh my gosh, I had forgotten how much I love and miss Edgars Bakery until you mentioned it today in this post! I used to buy their strawberry cakes for myself for my birthday. You just can't beat them.

Monday through Sunday said...

I LOVE making Bday parties special!! I did post about Sarah's Bday on the Family blog...:) I love what you did for Ellie's bday! I really think the birthday hat idea is awesome!! :)

S.HOPtalk said...

I've been meaning to get over here all week. Thanks so much for stopping by.

I'm in party planning mode too. My daughter has a December birthday-always tricky. I LOVE your photos. Have a great weekend.

Aran said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. i'm glad you did because i discovered all these wonderful inspiring posts! beautiful photos too!

la la Lovely said...

What a cute party.... Love all of the little special touches! I think planning kids parties are so fun!
x Have a great week!

Carrie said...

Kid's birthday parties are the best! I love what you did for Ellie, so cute! Jonah is my super shy one so I have yet to attempt anything more than small family parties...maybe this year! When we sang Happy Birthday to Jonah on his 3rd he was hiding under the table...shy indeed! It's a memory we won't forget :)

Amanda said...

What a great mumma you are. xx

I'm approaching my daughters birthdays soon. I'm very unorganised this year.