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I do not believe my home will ever be "done", but the room that is not even close to what the rest of my home represents is the master bedroom. I believe it should be serene, comfortable, and a place that I, dare I say, feel a little sexy. With an array of mis-matched furniture, toys all around, and a color that I am now officially sick of, I can say it gives off none of the latter vibe I desire. In an earlier post I designed my dream room, but now I am tired of that too. I may have a problem. The photos above are what I am feeling now. I just need to put it all into practice. If you, all my lovely readers, have any more images or ideas to jog my brain for more inspiration than I would gladly except. My room re.do has me stumped, which is not normal for my over active brain. Please help!

I know it's a mess and it's taken with my phone, but this is my room now. It's large for one and that kind of throws me off. The bed will have to stay for now at least until I find a killer deal on a really nice one. I really like the one in last last photo above, but in a different color maybe? The lamp in the first photo is new, but can easily be returned along with the other. The side table its on is the cheaper replica of the set we currently own. This should be painted and I hope to find something similar in scale for the other side. The long dresser actually goes with the set that is in my daughters room. It is the original so I am hesitant to paint it, would you? As for the chair, it's going and the settee can easily be recovered. Honestly I would buy all new, but that's just not in the budget right now. Oh, and I am all for new bedding. I would really love this room to represent my style. Right now it is so blah. What would you do if this was your room? I am up for anything.


Miss Aimee said...

So fun! Just what I love to do: okay, the wall your bed is against I would paint that orange, I have a great color if you want a good orange). I would paint all other walls white.
Then paint the dressers black(i know...but do it!!). Go to Urban outfitters and buy 2 tapestry's with a great orange print in it and make curtains with black out liner(i did that, so easy...and 30.00 each!!)see my livingroom curtains photo on my blog! and then remove all clutter. start there and then do more photos and I can help with the finishing touches!! :)or you could do a kelly green accent wall too if you do not love orange!

megan said...

I love your inspiration images and would say you are off to a good start. First I would remove the toys and any other clutter you don't want in your bedroom. My second thought is to separate the room, b/c it is so large. Have a nice sitting area by the large window and the other half your bedroom area.

As for the dressers, I am pretty sure those are like mine; is the top a laminate? My mom had them in her basement and gave them to us. We painted them the night before me moved to ATL (craziness). I found a color that matched the top, b/c I didn't want the top and dresser to be different. I will send you a picture, but I say paint them.

I like the lamps. It seems you like green, so you could use that for an accent. Hope it helps!

Jennifer said...

upholster yourself a headboard! with some cheap fabric (burlap?) it can totally be done for about $50 bucks.

Kotori said...

Wouldn't you die to have windows like in that first picture? Love them! Your room, though, has such great potential! I agree with Miss Aimee... I think an orange or green accent wall is the way to go.

I had brown painted walls in my bedroom for a while and they felt so blah. I just painted the wall behind the bed a fabulous shade of orange (called Faded Clay) and added some vinyl wall graphics. I suddenly feel like I have an adult space.

As for the bed... have you thought about making a tufted headboard using some plywood and batting? Just drill some holes in the wood before you staple the fabric on so you can sew buttons on (to give that tufted look). Here's a link to a tutorial (http://sewmamasew.com/blog2/?p=558). You could really make a beautiful bed for not a lot of money... just a few thoughts. Be sure to post what you've done; I can't wait to see what you do!

Jennie Bee said...

I get the same way, I always want to redo rooms when i get bored of them. Here are 2 blogs I *love* to check out for ideas, The first one is someone who doesn't write in english but they mainly post just pictures which are incredible! the 2nd one is a listing of Style/Design blogs that I think you will love... its from Creature of Comfort's blog



Hope they inspire you!

Ps. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog:)

Blueprint Bliss said...

I have the same problem- my master bedroom is my least favorite room in my house- and I feel like it should be the opposite. I am in the process of redoing mine right now- but I haven't gotten far. Just a new duvet, new lamps (no shades), and new paint on my furniture and walls. I have all of the materials to make an upholstered headboard- except the fabric. It's just so hard to choose one! From the photos you posted- it looks like you lean towards white walls... you can always accent with a headboard, lamps, pillows, etc.

ms. less is always more said...

I'm loving this bedding and these lamps from Target. Not such a bad price...


Then for paint... you can never go wrong with the pottery barn colors for Benjamin Moore... I would go light and airy... maybe Edgecomb Gray (HC-173) or Gray Owl (2137-60)

Either way, can't wait to see the outcome!

Design Lovely said...

One easy fix that I would do is change the drapery. I would want to see more contrast so a green color from your artwork or a charcoal gray could look really pretty. I would also paint your furniture darker so your furniture feels more grounded. I think you have a nice start though. I love your lamps and artwork.
dwellings and decor blog

MIMILEE said...

I see so much potential in your room! It's a great size and has great windows. I like the idea of soft and serence in a bedroom....you just can't beat that. I don't like a lot of color where I sleep, do you? I am a big fan of a soft Robin's egg blue with taupes and beiges.....anyway, Paula, good luck with your redo! I need to redo my master BR myself.
I keep putting it off for some reason!

Mrs. Filly said...

good luck with that i love the modern dear heads thats too funny but i don't see that being in your room at all :)! sorry but this is not my department in the least

angela hardison said...

I'm currently having the same problem(s)... don't know what to do with my master bedroom. I have ideas, but I'm too worried I'll stop liking them after a few months. I also have the problem of a room that is a little too large to know what to do with.

Wish I could be of more help, but it's not my area of expertise :) Be sure to post pictures of what you do when you do it!

la la Lovely said...

You are so great at designing!!!! I know you will find the perfect fit for you. I just saw a great image over at Callie Grayson's site.. It says bedroom inspiration on the right side bar. A really pretty blue and white bedding. I love white bedding. Big Mirrors and pretty lamps and a gorgeous chandelier (that is always sexy-ha!)
I'll send more if I think of it.. just took cold tylenol pm and must get off the computer ;)

Julia said...

Okay, I would have two suggestions, and both involve paint :)

1. paint at least one of your walls a beautiful soothing but bold color, like mauve, robin's egg blue or sage

2. Then figure out a neutral color like taupe, white, pink, or black and paint your furniture!

I think you have so much wondrous space, it's heavenly! You can do so much!

la la Lovely said...

bedroom inspiration over at desire to inspire today


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