Book Club: the Intro

This past week I read the intro to The Artist's Way. So far so good, but I am going to have to be realistic and say a 2 hour art date by myself will be quite a stretch. We are a creative family so am thinking they will not hinder my new artistic ways, but instead benefit from it. As for the 3 pages of journal writing a day, well I did go out to buy a new journal at Anthropologie today. I think it looks like a piece of art in itself. Oh, and yes I do believe she probably meant 3 note book size pages, but I am going to be realistic and stick with my pretty journal.

It's not to late to join. We will be reading the first chapter this week. To keep up with what is going on be sure to visit Wide Open Spaces. Happy reading!


Mrs. Filly said...

thats too cute :) i went to walmart and bought a dollar notebook cause i already had cute journals but didnt want to use them because i didnt know how good 3 forced pages of writing would really be in the wee hours of the morning...i had the same idea about paper size but i didnt do it :) instead..this morning i only squeezed out 2.57 pages worth before i risked being late to work

PS~Erin said...

Haven't embarked on my pages yet... I think the the morning will be my first, and now I'm tempted to use one of my smaller journals. Yours is so cute, and so much less daunting.

Courtney said...

Thanks so much for the official introduction and I'm beyond thrilled to learn so much about my readers. This has been the most fun day ever!!!

I've heard wonderful things about The Artist's Way, though I'm with you - 2 hours is quite the stretch. Although doing photography with your husband sounds like the best creative outlet I can think of!!