Cottage Living expanded

I have a love for real estate, as I explained in a previous post, so I decided at least for now that I will dedicate Monday's to my real estate finds. I am so excited to share this one with you. Do you happen to remember this kitchen from January/February '08 Cottage Living edition?

Well, I always wonder what the rest of someone else's home looks like when I see only an intriguing small tidbit in a magazine. Living in Birmingham, the home of Cottage Living, every once in awhile I come across one of those lovely homes in the local listings. This one I will get share with you.

I have a suroom right off my living room, I am thinking about trying this furniture layout. I rather like it.

This desk chair is similar to one I found at my local Home Goods for my desk. It's rather comfy and classic I like to think. I will share my lovely new chair in a later post.

This garden is so breathtaking. I love all the green and the Adirondack chairs. Wouldn't it be nice watch the kiddos run in that yard while you lounge back with a nice cup of tea?

I hope you enjoyed touring the rest of this home as much as I did. Have a lovely week and stop back by for a visit.


K said...

hi there - i came to your site via oh happy day and just wanted to say i love this house - and pretty much every other home ever featured in "cottage living" - what an evilly addictive magazine. thanks!

Mrs. Filly said...

i had no idea the extent of your real estate obsession :) i love it! hope all is well with the fam. i miss seein you guys

Megan Champion said...

Great Place! Birmingham has great inspiration for homes - My husbands family lives in Mountain Brook and Homewood - two different places, both with amazing houses!

Melanie said...


erika said...

love love love.... i could move in today!

melissa said...

I love the orange curvy leather chair especially.

Jennifer said...

oh I just about fell out of my chair. this is my all-time favorite kitchen and I've been DYING to know what the rest of the house looked like. we have some mutual friends so I'm trying to weasel my way over there, and it looks like it's not for sale anymore so I may have missed the boat -- darn!

thanks for sharing your incredible detective work, and I promise to stop commenting today ... probably.